Eversholt Rail, established in 1994, owns UK passenger and freight rolling stock. The company leases trains to a number of passenger and freight operators in the UK and employs approximately 115 professional, technical and support staff.

Its investment in Lexis®Library has enabled the company to handle more of its legal work in-house, saving money and time.

Direct access to the law

Naomi Talisman, Head of Contracts at Eversholt Rail, decided to subscribe to Lexis®Library in order to tap into the latest legislation more directly and quickly than waiting for external counsel to provide advice. Her team can access accurate information instantly and provide advice to the business themselves, answering questions on the spot without having to always defer to a law firm; this can also help to demonstrate the value of the legal department.

“We need to have access to statutes straight away. I don't want to be reliant on a law firm to provide advice - I want to be able to find the answers immediately, as and when questions come up. I want to be able to check the statutes which are in force and what they actually say. LexisNexis provides access to all of the latest legislation, and this is what I find most useful.”

Access to the latest legislation at their fingertips

Since legislation is often being updated, the ability to find out the current state of play of any particular act or regulation is of the utmost importance to Naomi and her legal team. Lexis®Library uses a ‘traffic light’ system which shows the status of each piece of legislation to ensure that her team knows the most up-to-date law on any particular matter.

“For me, that's probably the biggest benefit of using LexisNexis - being able to type in an act and finding out straight away if it is in force and the latest provisions of each relevant section.”

Minimising risk

The ability to consult Lexis®Library for details on the most up-to-date UK legislation provides Naomi with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that everything has been properly validated and risk has been minimised. Access to accurate and comprehensive information gives the team everything they need, without having to check elsewhere. Knowing that every aspect of risk has been considered is particularly important due to the safety critical nature of the rail industry.

“Most of the risks that we're dealing with are really complicated, safety critical or commercially critical. So it's just really, really important that we get everything right.”

Working remotely with confidence

Having access to Lexis®Library has proved especially useful during the ‘new normal’ of sequential lockdowns. Naomi and her legal team have continued to work away from the office, confident in knowing that, with Lexis®Library, they had legal resources they could trust when relying on external counsel felt less accessible. While empowering the team to still respond quickly to the business, an added advantage has been more work being completed in-house, resulting in the additional advantage of cost savings on external spend.

“We are using Lexis®Library much more since working from home. I think when you're in the office, you feel like you can easily pick up the phone to law firms, whereas you're more solitary when you're on your own. So it's more natural to check stuff yourself rather than picking up the phone to a law firm.”

Responsive customer service

Another benefit of using LexisNexis for Naomi is the customer experience. Whenever a complicated legal need arises, where Naomi and her team need a little helping hand, she is pleased with how quickly the LexisNexis team responds.

“You guys are always really, really responsive offering training sessions.”

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