Co-op is one of the world’s largest consumer co-operatives. It is owned by millions of members and employs nearly 70,000 people. With 2,500 stores, it is the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer and is also the UK’s number 1 funeral services provider, a major general insurer and a growing legal services business.

Exceeding expectations in customer service and breadth of coverage

For years, Co-op had relied on various suppliers for conducting its legal research. But in 2018, to both reduce costs and expand in-house resources, Co-op switched to LexisNexis, subscribing to LexisPSL and LexisLibrary.

LexisPSL helps in-house lawyers find the information they need to deliver trusted advice in a timely manner. The online solution provides comprehensive coverage across 35 areas of law, as well as easy access to thousands of precedents, template polices and clauses. It features direct links to the most comprehensive analysis of English law and expert commentary within LexisLibrary for when legal teams need to dig deeper.

LexisPSL also includes tailored news analysis, horizon trackers and regulatory alerts for in-house counsel, focused on the business implications as well as exclusive business skills guidance for lawyers to help accelerate their career development and effectively manage their legal departments.

“We use LexisPSL and LexisLibrary for all of our research and practical guidance to be able to respond to queries across the entire Co-op family of businesses. We also use some of the precedents to add value to our own suite of documents.”

Extensive content from expert sources

Because Co-op is so vast and diverse in its business areas, it explores laws and regulations pertaining to a wide variety of areas. It’s legal team is comprised of commercial, property, employment and dispute lawyers.

Empowering Co-op members

Cassidy explains that one of the changes Co-op made in moving to LexisNexis was to roll out its subscription to certain colleagues across the wider business, giving them access to online resources to self-serve where appropriate. Those colleagues appreciate access to research materials and the self-reliance it brings.

“All of this has also helped make life a little bit easier for our in-house lawyers, who are operating in a fast-paced environment. It frees up their time to focus on more complex queries.”

Invaluable risk and compliance resources

The Co-op has found the LexisPSL Risk and Compliance module, created for in-house counsel, especially helpful. Its news alerts, monthly highlights and forecasts help their organisation keep ahead of evolving regulations, legislation and compliance issues. The lawyers are able to proactively mitigate risk, assess the potential impact of any regulatory or legal changes on Co-op businesses, and quickly implement any actions that need to be taken by using the practical tools in the module.

Enlightening webinars on hot topics

Co-op also stays current on legal issues through LexisNexis webinars. The hour-long updates feature subject matter experts speaking on industry developments and trends. They’re offered on a huge breadth of topics, from specialist practice areas to tailored in-house risk and compliance content and Brexit updates. Co-op lawyers can also attend webinars on personal development and legal department efficiency.

“It has been invaluable to our commercial team, General Counsel for Retail, and our risk colleagues. It offers really good practice notes and useful resources such as template policies, checklists and action plans. I also find the weekly email updates to be helpful, providing a quick snapshot of what I need to know.”

SmartForms increases efficiency

Another useful tool for Co-op is Lexis®Smart Forms. It offers access to over 4,000 forms and makes them easy to complete and share. These forms save time, freeing up valuable resources to focus on more strategic work in the business.

Besides the convenience of a single source for all forms, Co-op also finds SmartForms helps it reduce risk. The organization often follows the recommendations offered in the embedded guidance notes and court addresses linked to directly from SmartForms.

Fast and seamless transition to new system

Like any organisation making significant changes, Co-op was a bit concerned about how the switch to LexisNexis products would affect its employees and their workflow. The transition has turned out to be much easier than they anticipated.

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