Cloud Carib is a company located in The Bahamas, providing managed cloud services, assisting mostly in the public sector as well as private sector entities with large scale enterprise cloud services. Rashif Duncombe Esq, General Counsel and Public Sector Executive at Cloud Carib, subscribes to the Law Reports of The Bahamas and a number of LexisPSL modules including In‐house Advisor and Commercial Law. We spoke to Rashif to find out how LexisPSL has helped him and his company.

What are the challenges you face?

Rashif describes his sector as still “in an early stage, with lots of our regional clients still learning about technology and digitalisation”. Because many of them are in the early stages of adopting emerging technology, he anticipates “that there will be a number of legal issues I deal with that are new to the region”. He believes that LexisPSL will assist with many of the novel challenges he faces as well as routine legal issues such as:

  • procurement
  • managing contractual relationships
  • data protection sovereignty
  • private international law
  • risk management

How has LexisPSL saved you time?

Rashif is the sole in‐house practitioner at Cloud Carib, so without resource to help, his time is in extraordinary demand. He uses the “particularly helpful” checklists provided by LexisPSL to structure workflows, saving valuable time in his busy one‐person role.

In addition to the checklists, he finds the level of knowledge management provided by LexisPSL to be transformative, in particular its regular updates and news about the latest issues across multiple jurisdictions on sector‐specific issues such as cloud computing.

Rashif has also praised the customer service provided by LexisNexis, which set him up swiftly so that he could hit the ground running with immediate access to the platform.

How has your legal research improved since working with LexisNexis?

Rashif recognises that researching with LexisNexis is a vast improvement over the legacy products and solutions he previously used. Prior to becoming a subscriber, he relied on a couple of local law libraries — one of them academic and another private — but he found that the materials were not always as up‐to‐date, robust, generally not of comparable quality.

“You can be sat in front of a textbook for days just trying to wrap your mind around what the writer is trying to say. In contrast, it will only take around 15–20 minutes of reading a ready‐made checklist on any particular challenge in a specific practice area and delving into the related guidance to understand the matter at hand. It helps me to provide a quicker and clearer response to the client.”

A week of research in one hour

After receiving immediate access to LexisPSL, Rashif was already reaping the rewards. Rashif had decided to take the plunge and explore LexisPSL just as he received an urgent query regarding a vendor’s NDA. After being set up with LexisPSL on the same day, Rashif immediately conducted all the necessary research, including:

  • various aspects of privacy and confidentiality
  • types of terms, clauses to be included, and anything related to the nature of transaction
  • two relevant leading cases from the Privy Council, cross-linked from articles about legal tests

Using LexisPSL it took Rashif just one hour to research and draft a relevant NDA clause in response, something he says would have otherwise taken up to a week to research.

“Instead of me taking a week to consider all of these broad issues, I was able to respond in one hour using LexisPSL.” He was impressed how, after just being set up with the subscription, he could “start there and then.”

A treasure trove of information and resources all in one place

Rashif says LexisPSL helps him to provide a more efficient service in his role overall as a sole in‐house lawyer.

“LexisPSL makes you 100% more efficient. The different resources — legal news, templates, guidance and checklists — work cohesively and aid workflow management.”

He says that LexisPSL also simplifies legal processes and complex information, saving time by breaking things down into easy‐to‐understand checklists and guidance, providing a “treasure trove of information and resources all in one place”.

Following on from his successful experience with LexisPSL, Rashif is considering expanding his subscription to Lexis®Library in order to further improve his departmental resources and ability to provide optimal legal advice.

“You need to invest in your own department to make it a success — LexisNexis is the proper partner with which to invest time, effort and money.”

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