Avensure is a consultancy primarily dealing with employment law and Health and Safety. It runs a 24/7 advice service, providing employment law and health and safety advice and support for UK businesses.

They have over 50 colleagues working in the legal and advice teams, all of whom have access to Lexis®PSL and Lexis®Library. These products support Avensure in providing the service to client.

Nothing more than 6 clicks away

Ellen Singer, Senior Legal Advocate — Professional Support at Avensure, persuaded her company to move to LexisNexis from their previous provider, having already had first‐hand experience of the products. She has always been impressed with the user interface and the speed at which specific legal information can be found on LexisPSL and LexisLibrary. She wanted to bring these benefits to her new role and share the tools with her team.

“LexisNexis is great as I can find the answers I am looking for really quickly. I believe that nothing should be more than 6 clicks away — and the products from LexisNexis deliver on this standard.”

It all flows

One aspect of LexisLibrary which Ellen finds particularly useful is how all the information links up and is set in a wider context. Links to relevant legislation and case law can be found on all topic pages, so you always have the full picture.

“It is set out so clearly and written so well. It is easy to understand, easy to follow, it all flows. You have the connection to all the legislation and case law at the side so that it doesn’t interrupt your reading. You can check the case law and see any contradictory cases. It not only tracks the status of case law, but it also links to other cases that are related. It speeds up all my research.”

It pays for itself

According to Ellen, the clarity provided by LexisNexis on some very complex areas of law is enough to make a subscription worthwhile. The ability to cut through to the most pertinent details of a taxing piece of legislation can be particularly valuable.

“TUPE is an extremely tricky aspect of employment law and the bane of many employment lawyers. But I read one page about an aspect of TUPE which was clearly explained and said ‘this is why we want LexisNexis’.”

Access to the law you use 80% of the time

Ellen finds that most of the crucial legal information she needs is immediately accessible on LexisPSL. It allows her to quickly respond to colleagues on queries from a judge at hearings, without having to spend time digging into case law or legislation archives. Furthermore, the online nature of LexisNexis products allows judges to be easily and instantly directed to relevant sections by advocates during online hearings.

“LexisPSL gives you access to the law that you use 80% of the time. It guides me exactly to what I want. It also helps with advocating at hearings. Sometimes the judge will say ‘what about this case’ and I can direct colleagues to the relevant section of LexisPSL. And because it’s online, we can look it up together, even in a remote setting.”

Lifecycle for employment

The way in which LexisPSL and LexisLibrary are drafted make them particularly effective for Ellen and the Avensure teams. In terms of employment law, the information is structured in a way which flows through the different stages of employment. This makes it easier to pick out the relevant law — no matter where an employee is in their employment lifecycle.

“LexisNexis is structured by the lifecycle for employment, from recruitment to contract issues, pay, status issues right through to disciplinaries, dismissal, and tribunals. It is the lifecycle of someone’s employment from start to finish and it flows that way. So it is much easier to find what you are looking for, as you can say ‘what part of the lifecycle am I in’ and look for the information that way. This helps you find things a lot faster and it is logically drafted. I love it. I absolutely adore LexisNexis and always have.”

LexisNexis provides confidence that client advice is accurate and up‐to‐date

When she switched to LexisNexis, Ellen found it was much easier to track the frequent changes to the legal developments relating to COVID‐19. This has helped save time and provide confidence that advice given to clients is based on the current law.

“If you look at COVID, the law has been changing so rapidly. We didn’t have LexisNexis at the time [of the first lockdown] and I was drafting update after update on the latest situation. When we subscribed, we saw that LexisNexis provided all the updates and breaking news, which gives us confidence that our advice is bang up to date. We also have access to the relevant forms we can send on to clients. It is brilliant.”

She notes that LexisNexis gives confidence to the legal advice they give on any topic.

“We couldn’t do as good a job as we do without it. LexisNexis gives us the security and confidence that we are best serving our clients because the information we are working on is the most accurate we can get.”

Promoting a healthier working environment

Ellen says that one of the advantages of subscribing to LexisNexis is that it leads to a healthier working environment and access to LexisPSL and LexisLibrary makes their job a lot easier and boosts their confidence. This helps to optimise health and safety and wellbeing in the workplace, which means that Avensure can lead by example.

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