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Carson McDowell Selects LexisNexis dna to Boost Productivity and Manage Workflows

Leading commercial law firm to deploy fully-integrated business process management solution to streamline workflows, improve efficiency and better serve specific client needs

LONDON, 23 November 2010 - LexisNexis UK (, a leading provider of content-enabled workflow solutions, today announced that Carson McDowell, Northern Ireland's leading commercial law firm, has selected LexisNexis dna as its business process management solution. LexisNexis dna will help maximise existing resources and deliver productivity gains among fee-earners and support staff.

Carson McDowell has built a reputation upon its experience and strength across the corporate, banking, mergers and acquisitions, commercial property and commercial litigation sectors. The firm prides itself on using the best technologies to drive productivity amongst fee earners and support staff in order to continually deliver the best possible service to their clients.  With 19 partners and more than 100 staff providing legal support across 37 practice areas, an effective workflow system is essential to ensure maximum productivity and ultimately profitability. 

LexisNexis dna
 is a flexible, fully-integrated solution that helps multi-faceted organisations, such as Carson McDowell, redefine business processes and streamline workflows to boost productivity across the business.  Client records and case files can quickly become complex as matters span across practice areas and territories.  Managing this information and ensuring details are up to date and on hand when needed is essential to delivering excellent client service.  With LexisNexis dna, managing these files as well as other vital information such as financial details, compliance information and schedules will be simplified as all data is pulled into a single, customised dashboard presented in a clear and logical way.

Róisín Mullan, IT Manager, Carson McDowell commented: "By working together closely since 1999, the LexisNexis team has developed a deep understanding of our business and the way in which we work, making LexisNexis the natural choice for upgrading our business process solution. On top of the clear productivity benefits, LexisNexis dna will also make it possible to ensure process control across the firm, not just the legal processes, but workflow capabilities and automatic audit trail checks too.  The system automatically organises electronic files for different matters and all information is held centrally, so there is no need to re-key any data, which saves time and reduces the risk of error. Additionally, because the system is fully-integrated, the costs involved in maintaining multiple systems are reduced and we expect to see a return on investment in just 18 months."

Carson McDowell works closely with its clients and is committed to delivering the best service possible, in a way that meets its customers' specific needs.  After feedback from customers that e-billing would be preferred over traditional, paper-based billing procedures, the case for migrating to LexisNexis dna, which includes an e-billing module, was even stronger.  The LexisNexis CounselLink™ e-billing toolkit provides a complete audit trail throughout the legal process, ensuring transparency and enabling informed budgeting decisions based on past experience and future forecasts.  Invoices are processed and automatically routed through the approval process with configurable workflows, streamlining the billing process. 

"Billing and financial reporting can be extremely complex in mid to large law firms as costs need to be allocated to the appropriate departments, hours correctly captured and charged, not to mention allowing for fee arrangements specific to individual clients.  The SmartReview® technology that is incorporated intovLexisNexis dna and is able to review invoice charge details and automatically categorise, compare and adjust charges against billing guidelines.  Being able to automate that process will save us time and money, freeing up fee-earners to focus on the clients' needs," commented Michael Johnston, Partner, Carson McDowell.

"Carson McDowell has long understood the important role that technology plays in modern law firms, and LexisNexis dna is the perfect solution to help the firm drive enterprise-wide productivity, efficiency, compliance, profitability and ultimately, growth," said Tim Cheadle, General Manager, LexisNexis.


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