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Workers Demand the Tools of the Trade

LexisNexis International Workplace Productivity Survey 2010 reveals a backlash among UK white collar workers against 'one size fits all' technologies as information overload pushes them to breaking point

LONDON, 19 October, 2010 - LexisNexis® (, today announces the results of the LexisNexis® International Workplace Productivity Survey 2010, which surveyed some 300 white collar workers in the UK, 58% of whom say that the quality of their work suffers at times because they can't sort through the information that they need fast enough. The research reveals that while the majority of professionals in the U.K. report that their companies have taken some action to help them manage information more efficiently, they believe their employers could do more to help them overcome the challenges of information overload. In particular, professionals would like to see more customized tools to improve their productivity at work.


UK white collar workers and legal professionals report that information overload is pushing them to breaking point. 84% of white collar workers in the UK surveyed say that the amount of information they have to manage for their jobs has increased in the past five years, with 57% agreeing that the amount of information that they've had to process at work has significantly increased since the onset of the financial downturn.

As a result of this increase, UK white collar workers are finding it harder to manage the information they receive. Over half (52%) of UK white collar workers report that they spend more time receiving and managing information than using it.

In generations past, gaining a set of tools for the trade was part of the rite of passage for apprentices entering into their chosen field and vital for them to be able to get the job done efficiently and productively. Whilst the balance of the UK economy has shifted significantly towards knowledge based business over the last thirty years, human needs clearly haven't changed with the majority of white collar workers now demanding access to the right tools and training to manage the increase in information they receive and get their job done productively. Many UK workers (44%) are reporting that they feel demoralized when they can't manage all of the information that comes their way at work.

Though 98% of UK white collar workers say that their companies have taken some action over the past two years to help them manage the information overload problem more efficiently, a backlash against one size fits all technologies has emerged with three quarters of UK workers (73%) wanting their employers to provide information management technology designed specifically for professionals within their industry.

Two thirds of UK professionals (65%) say that they would be more productive if they did not have to keep switching between applications to get their work done and 73% believe that they would be more efficient if the software tools that they use were designed to work the way they work.

"Employers need to recognise the productivity loss and damage to morale that information overload causes, then consider the opportunity this presents." said Rob Farquharson, Director, LexisNexis Connect UK & Ireland. "Businesses that take the initiative and equip their white collar workers with the right tools and training to succeed in the Information Age stand to gain a competitive edge."

About the International Workplace Productivity Survey

LexisNexis® sponsored the 2010 International Workplace Productivity Survey. The study included 1700 white collar professionals across five countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, China, South Africa and Australia. This diverse group of countries was chosen so as to provide a sample that included white collar workers from a variety of geographies, who are working in different economic conditions and whose access to technology is not uniform in every location. The study included 300 non-legal professionals and 200 legal professionals in the US and 200 non-legal professionals and 100 legal professionals in each of the other markets. It was fielded by WorldOne, an international market research agency, specializing in the collection and analysis of data for leading market research organizations, consulting firms and corporations. The findings are available online at the International Workplace Productivity Survey.

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