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UK Legal Services Suffering Under Information Deluge

UK Legal Industry is under-billing and over-servicing as information management takes up a sizeable part of the day, according to new LexisNexis survey

LONDON, 19 October, 2010 - LexisNexis® (, a leading provider of content-enabled workflow solutions, today announces the results of its recent International Workplace Productivity Survey 2010 which reveals how legal professionals are coping with information overload.


Commissioned by LexisNexis, the report investigates information management practices and workplace productivity amongst 600 legal professionals in the UK, USA, China, Australia, and South Africa. It reveals that information overload is exacting a heavy toll on productivity and employee morale. 58% of UK legal workers say work quality is suffering as they cannot sort through the information that they need fast enough. With 46% percent of legal workers in the UK admitting they feel demoralized when they can't manage all of the information that comes their way at work.

Increasing workload

Eight in ten UK legal professionals (83%) say that the amount of information they have had to manage for their jobs has increased in the last five years.

Wading Through The Information Deluge

Two-thirds of legal professionals, 66%, wish they could spend less time organizing, and more time using, the information that comes their way. The UK leads the way on information overload, with professionals spending 55% of their time receiving and managing rather than using information. This compares to Australia at 54%, South Africa at 51%, the USA at 49% and China using 47% of their work day receiving and managing information.

One Application To Rule Them All

Six in ten UK legal workers (58%) believe they would be more productive if they did not have to switch back and forth between applications to get their work done.  Over three-quarters of UK legal professionals (77%) agree that the only way forward is the development of bespoke industry products which are designed to 'work the way that they work'.

Meeting The Demands of Increased Information

Most legal professionals have noticed changes in the way their workplaces have been dealing with the new information trends. Investment in faster and newer technology has been at the forefront of dealing with the changing information environment. Many workplaces are already investing in physical infrastructure to ameliorate the problem. 65% of UK legal professionals say their company has provided tools that work together to improve productivity and 67% say their workplaces has provided information management technology designed specifically for professionals within their industry. Workers are also being offered training in information management (66%). Much has changed in the way people work. The days of nine-five are over with 61% of UK legal workers being allowed to work off site.

Bespoke Tools

But despite these encouraging trends this many lawyers feel that their tools need to be even more bespoke, designed specifically to fit in with their methods and styles of working. Six in ten legal professionals (58%) agree that they would be more productive if they didn't have to switch back and forth between applications to get their work done.

Over three-quarters of legal professionals (77%) agree that they could be more efficient if the software tools that they use were designed to work the way that they work.

Almost half of legal professionals in the UK (45%) report that research takes up so much of their time that sometimes they end up not  billing for the time they spend on it.

"Workers across the globe are just about managing to keep their heads above water in a rising tide of information," said Rob Farquharson, Director LexisNexis Connect UK & Ireland. "The results of this survey reveal not just how widespread the problem is, but also the very real impact that information overload has on professionals' and the bottom line. Employers need to do more than throw a life line in the shape of faster PCs. They need to invest in practical solutions that aid the flow and prioritisation of information." 

About the International Workplace Productivity Survey

LexisNexis sponsored the 2010 International Workplace Productivity Survey. The study included 600 legal professionals across five countries, including 200 in the United States, and 100 in each of the United Kingdom, China, South Africa and Australia. This diverse group of countries was chosen so as to provide a sample that included white collar workers from a variety of geographies, who are working in different economic conditions and whose access to technology is not uniform in every location. It was fielded by WorldOne, an international market research agency, specializing in the collection and analysis of data for leading market research organizations, consulting firms and corporations. The findings are available online at the International Workplace Productivity Survey.

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