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Halsbury's Law Exchange launched to encourage informed debate on the development of law

First high-level independent and politically neutral legal think tank in the UK to produce expert research and generate public debate on major legal issues

LONDON, 23rd September, 2010 - LexisNexis UK ( today announced the launch of Halsbury's Law Exchange, the first high-level independent and politically neutral legal think tank in the UK. Halsbury's Law Exchange will contribute to the development of law and the legal sector by producing expert research and debate to determine whether the law is fair and where change is needed.


The think tank will also provide a platform for open discussion with the legal community and general public, asking them to register their views on fundamental legal issues.

Halsbury's Law Exchange is chaired by Joshua Rozenberg - Britain's best-known commentator on the law - together with a panel of 13 other leading figures from the legal world, including Nigel Boardman, John Cooper QC and Tony Williams.

"What's so exciting about the new think tank is its combination of independence and flexibility: it has no axe to grind, no agenda to follow and no restrictions on the topics it will explore," says Joshua Rozenberg. "In time, I hope Halsbury's Law Exchange will develop a reputation for rigorous thinking on the most important legal issues of the day."

All members encourage its mission to support the rule of law in the United Kingdom by promoting an effective legal framework and stimulating public debate on major issues.

"Although many news stories have a legal issue at the heart of them, until now there was no forum for encouraging informed and intelligent discussion around this crucial area, which impacts on all our lives," says Elsa Booth, Head of Communications and Research at Halsbury's Law Exchange. "We want this think tank to change that; to pioneer new ideas and in the best traditions of the law to encourage quality debate."

Contributors to Halsbury's Law Exchange will examine the rule of law, the structure of the legal system, and the development of the legal sector. The think tank - through the combined momentum of the partnership between public, legal profession and members - will allow for leading legal minds to connect and exchange ideas that will be of high value for the legal environment of the country and will ultimately, communicate these valuable ideas on reform to decision makers.

The think tank's current white papers include one which questions the need for an international court for the environment and another asking whether the UK missed a significant opportunity to implement important improving reforms in the recent re-write of its companies' legislation.

Current projects under research include a proposal for a simpler employee vetting system; a paper questioning whether the doctrine of sovereign immunity is still appropriate; and one on assisted dying.

About Halsbury's Law Exchange
Halsbury's Law Exchange is an independent and politically neutral think tank which contributes to the development of law and the legal sector. It aims to communicate ideas on reform or legal direction to decision makers and the legal sector and promote debate through papers, reports, events and media pieces.

Halsbury's Law Exchange takes its name from one of LexisNexis' preeminent titles - Halsbury's Laws of England. Halsbury's Laws of England is a definitive encyclopedic treatise on the laws of England and Wales, containing law derived from every source, written by or in consultation with leading lawyers, both practitioners and academics.

Halsbury's Law Exchange is an example of the commitment shown by LexisNexis to being at the forefront of innovative thinking with respect to legal development. LexisNexis will therefore seek to create awareness of Halsbury's Law Exchange in its magazines and associated sites, as well as the national and legal press. LexisNexis is actively involved in learning and generating debate within the legal sector, face-to-face, in print and online through its events, websites and community forums.

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