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LexisNexis Announces Launch of LexisCheck Monitor and Release of LexisCheck Draft and Web version 3.1

Verification Software Alerts Users to Changes in Law Cited in Centrally-Held Documents, Saving Law Firms Time and Money

LONDON, 22nd September, 2010 - LexisNexis UK (, a leading provider of content-enabled workflow solutions, today announced significant updates to its Lexis® Check suite of intelligent legal software: the launch of Lexis®Check Monitor and the release of Lexis® Check Draft and Web version 3.1. Both have been designed to streamline and simplify the process of checking legal citations and help law firms increase efficiency and reduce the possibility of basing legal advice on out-of-date law.


LexisNexis developed Lexis Check in partnership with law firm Osborne Clarke, ensuring that the software is intuitive, easy to use and perfectly adapted to the ways in which lawyers actually work. Lexis Check Monitor automatically reviews legal references held in internal document management systems without the need for the documents to be open, and provides alerts when the law cited in them changes. Lexis Check hugely reduces the amount of time it takes to verify the currency of legal references and avoids the risk of professional indemnity claims resulting from legal advice based on out-of-date law. Lexis Check Draft and Web version 3.1 includes enhanced citation matching and an improved user interface.

Karen Waldron, Director of Product Development, LexisNexis UK, said: "The launch of LexisCheck Monitor confirms our commitment to helping law firms advance productivity and risk management procedures through useful time-saving tools that also elevate the quality of work. LexisCheck Monitor helps law firms reduce the risk of citing out-of-date case law or legislation which might occur by reusing information from a firm's document management system. Additionally, with its alert functionality, lawyers can immediately advise clients when a change in the law affects their situation, which not only helps generate business, but actively demonstrates that the firm is serious about providing service to their clients."

Craig Jones, Client Knowledge Services Manager for Osborne Clarke, said: "Maintaining internal knowhow and precedent documents can be a time-consuming and, therefore, costly process. We are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of our lawyers, and the quality of service that we offer our clients. Being involved with the development of LexisCheck provided the perfect opportunity for us to achieve these objectives."

LexisCheck Monitor works with the Interwoven document management system, used by the majority of the law firms in the UK, and automatically reviews selected documents in the system. Users have the choice of selecting specific documents or legal citations to monitor across multiple documents. When the status of a cited law changes (for example, when a case is overturned on appeal), the system will visually tag the documents in the system that contain that citation and will also send an email to alert the user of the change.  LexisCheck Monitor integrates seamlessly with Lexis®Library, allowing users to understand in greater depth the status of the law being cited, and to determine how the change may impact their legal argument.

LexisCheck Draft and Web version 3.1 provides improved case matching and user display functions, with prompts to help users provide the most accurate information on case and legislation names.  It now recognises over 2,000 common case and shipping names and includes an updated list of legislation acronyms, including all the new and amended 2010 Acts.


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