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Leading Scottish Litigation Firm Automates Data Extraction for Bespoke Reporting

Simpson & Marwick deploys LexisNexis Visualfiles Reporting Toolkit; the major benefits of which are fast and reliable report production, for clients and management alike

London, 17 September 2009 – LexisNexis, the leading provider of practice and productivity management solutions, today announced that Simpson & Marwick Solicitors, a leading Scottish commercial litigation firm, has successfully implemented LexisNexis Visualfiles Reporting Toolkit, a data extraction automation solution, for easy and fast report generation for clients and management. This Toolkit has given Simpson & Marwick the ability to produce a range of bespoke and complex reports on client matters, case work and life cycles and the business itself, almost instantaneously. Previously, report production was a lengthy and time consuming process with little or no flexibility to tailor content to meet individual client and business needs.

Automation of the data extraction process has also improved the accuracy of management information reports produced by Simpson & Marwick. The LexisNexis Visualfiles Reporting Toolkit extracts data from the firm’s LexisNexis Visualfiles case management system and loads it into a SQL Server, a third party database application, from which reports are generated. This means that the Toolkit essentially creates a copy of the case management system, which is the central store of all information, as data is fed into it from all the other business systems deployed within the firm.

Graham Herd, IT Manager for Simpson & Marwick, explained, “Report production is an important deliverable for us, both internally to the firm’s management and externally to our clients. This Toolkit has enabled us to become more adaptable and reactive to the needs of the business. Quite literally, we are able to generate bespoke reports instantaneously. More importantly, we are able to do so with complete confidence that the data used is the latest and most accurate at any given time.”

Further, LexisNexis Visualfiles Reporting Toolkit offers the software developers at Simpson & Marwick scope to build on the current functionality of the solution. For instance, the developers will be able to fine tune the extract process for production of specific types of statements and reports to meet changing business requirements in the future. This flexibility offered by the solution is made possible by the standard SQL components upon which the Toolkit is built.

Tim Cheadle, UK General Manager, LexisNexis Practice & Productivity Management, added, “We appreciate the importance and challenge of fast and accurate reporting faced by legal organisations and have developed this solution expressly to meet this need. The Toolkit is robust and scalable enough to become the underpinning platform for all data warehousing and data extraction at Simpson & Marwick.”

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About Simpson & Marwick Solicitors
Simpson & Marwick is Scotland’s leading law firm specialising in litigation and residential property working across the spectrum of personal injury actions, dealing with public and employers' liability claims, professional and medical negligence and major incidents. It has experience across a number of industry sectors.

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