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LexisNexis launches Cordery Breach Navigator

London, 1st July 2019 – As the nature and impact of data breaches continues to evolve, LexisNexis and Cordery have combined to launch Cordery Breach Navigator, the only cross industry data breach management solution that combines legal and compliance expertise with intelligent workflows; to ensure the best outcome for businesses and their reputations.

Data breaches are increasingly complex business events with far-reaching financial and reputational consequences. When they happen, the response must be swift, comprehensive and critically, effective.

Developing a consistent approach to managing incidents and potential data breaches, especially one which keeps pace with legislative changes, Data Protection Authority rulings and best practice, is time-consuming and difficult.

We’re all aware of the increasing importance of data.  Data is critical to every organisation but it’s hard to control, particularly as many organisations rely on third parties to process and hold data for them.  Regulators rightly demand the highest standards in terms of data protection and breach management and GDPR has given regulators more powers too.” says Jonathan Armstrong Partner at Cordery, “We’ve seen many organisations working hard to mitigate the changing risk of data breaches. That’s why we developed Breach Navigator. We wanted to help reduce the overhead and impact of capturing and managing data breaches.

Cordery Breach Navigator addresses the need for businesses to develop and deploy effective breach management processes across their organisations.  It works 24x7x365 to provide a consistent way of triaging and identifying long term strategies to reduce breaches. It also provides support to data protection teams who are often expected to advise senior management and other stakeholders in preparing for regulatory reporting and interviews.

Alex Dobson, Product Manager at LexisNexis, said, “The world of data incidents is changing so quickly knowing what’s right and wrong, what works and what doesn’t, is a full-time task. We have placed years of practical experience and guidance, regularly updated and maintained by experts in the field, right at the heart of the Cordery Breach Navigator to help organisations navigate those changes.

Cordery Breach Navigator is available from 1st July 2019.

About LexisNexis Legal & Professional

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About Cordery

Cordery provides innovative ways of helping General Counsel, compliance professionals and heads of legal across industries manage compliance. Using the expertise of seasoned compliance professionals and the content and technology capabilities of LexisNexis UK Cordery provides expert advice and compliance solutions.