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LexisNexis considers the implications of the Panama Leaks
In this short video, André Bywater of Cordery Compliance considers the implications of the Panama Leaks breach.

Sunday’s revelations about the leak of more than 11½ million documents from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca have significant ramifications in a whole host of different areas of compliance. The leak does not just affect Panama...


LexisNexis is delighted to be shortlisted for the Legal Week Innovation Awards 2016

LexisNexis is pleased to announce that it has been shortlisted as one of seven finalists for the ‘Supplier Innovation – Technology’ category at the Legal Week Innovation Awards 2016, for its multi-award winning drafting toolbar ...



LexisNexis ‘International Women in the Law’ Study
The talent risk: A female brain drain

LexisNexis was commissioned last year by the Law Society to conduct an international study in order to establish how far women have come in the legal world, what are seen as the barriers to career development and what can be done to address those...


Civil Litigation Costs: the legal profession’s view
Civil Litigation Costs Review Survey

In 2010, Lord Justice Jackson published a major review of the costs of civil litigation (The Jackson Review), with recommendations designed to control the disproportionate costs and promote access to justice. Major aspects of these recommendation...


Pressure Points
A study of the changing legal landscape

Pressure Points, a report by LexisNexis and Jures, examines the changing legal services market place. The ongoing reform agenda under the Legal Services Act 2007, often likened to the City’s ‘Big Bang’, the mass deregulation of ...



The Localism Bill
Our 'plain English' briefing paper on the government's flagship Localism Bill

The coalition government's Localism Bill plans to shift power from central government to communities, but what does this actually mean?

Jen Hawkins and Malcolm Dowden, solicitors Lexis PSL, present a 'plain English' guide to the government...


The Family Justice System
Geraldine Morris explores reform in the family justice system

What impact will the government's plans to slash legal aid have on the family justice system?

Lexis PSL solicitor Geraldine Morris authors this briefing paper on reform in the family justice system and analyses the potential impact of the ...


The Future of Small Law Firms
What is the future of small law firms in the wake of the Legal Services Act?

An in-depth look at what the future holds for small law firms in the UK.

With a foreword from Rob Farquharson, Director of LawyerLocator, this paper explores the effect of the Legal Services Act on small law firms in 21st century.



Welsh Devolution
LexisPSL solicitor Malcolm Dowden presents this briefing paper on Welsh devolution

LexisPSL solicitor Malcolm Dowden presents this briefing paper on Welsh devolution and the impact of the March 2011 referendum.

The Welsh Devolution briefing paper (PDF 127 KB)



National Insurance and Income Tax
National Insurance and Income Tax

Mike Truman, editor of Taxation magazine, looks at the highs and lows of integrating Income Tax and National Insurance.

National Insurance and Income Tax b...


The Bribery Act 2011
Mark Dunn looks at the Bribery Act 2010, which comes into force on 1st July

Mark Dunn, LexisNexis Risk and Compliance Market Planning Manager, presents this insight on the Bribery Act 2010.

The Bribery Act 2011 (PDF 133 KB).



The Royal Wedding and CGT
Mike Truman, editor of Taxation magazine presents his insight on the Royal Wedding and CGT

Tax expert Mike Truman ponders the property and capital gains tax issues facing William and Kate after their big day.

The Royal Wedding and CGT (PDF 112 KB).



Cutting Through, Winning Big
Business development best practice in hard times

Jon Robins, director of the legal research company Jures, presents this Red Paper on business development in tough economic times

Cutting Through, Winning Big - Red Paper (P...


The Future of Content Aggregation

The big shift from traditional print to online information

Paul Al-Nakaash, Head of Content Alliances at LexisNexis presents this white paper which explores the future of content Aggregation

Future of Content Aggregation (PDF 603KB)...



Navigating the Compliance Information Landscape
How businesses can get smarter managing their compliance requirements

I am delighted to introduce this compliance White Paper from LexisNexis

I am delighted to introduce this compliance White Paper from LexisNex...



The need for and use of Coaching in the legal sector
Effective client development has become essential to the success of all top commercial law firms, enabling them to stand out from their competitors in a saturated market that offers an abundance of exceptional legal expertise and talent.

Partners invest consistently and heavily in developing legal competency, yet, by comparison, investment in their own client development and communication skills is still in its infancy, often neglected due to a perceived lack of time and money.


Overcoming the Challenges of the Risk-Based Approach
Findings from the LexisNexis Anti-Money Laundering Survey

Anti-money laundering compliance is a key area for banks, law firms, asset management firms, auditors, accountants and similar regulated service providers.

These businesses must be constantly vigilant as criminal gangs, fraudsters, traffic...