Written resolution—general partner (LLP)—limited partnership
Written resolution—general partner (LLP)—limited partnership

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  • Written resolution—general partner (LLP)—limited partnership

registration number: [insert number]

Written resolution[s] OF

[insert name] LLP

(the LLP) acting in its capacity as the general partner of [insert name of limited partnership] L.p.

Circulated on [insert circulation date]

In accordance with clause [insert clause number] of the limited liability partnership agreement dated [insert date] regulating the affairs of the LLP, it is proposed that the following resolution[s] be passed as [a written OR written] resolutions:

[insert text of resolution(s)]

Please read the explanatory notes at the end of this document before signifying your agreement to the resolution[s].

We, the undersigned, were at the time the resolution[s] [was OR were] circulated entitled to vote on the resolution[s] and irrevocably agree to the resolution[s].

Signed .........................................Date

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