Warranty certificate—secondary offers

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  • Warranty certificate—secondary offers

Warranty certificate—secondary offers

[On letterhead of the company]

[insert name of the Placing Agent]

[insert date]

Dear [insert text]

Placing of up to [insert number] Placing Shares of [insert amount] pence each in the capital of the Company (the Placing)

We refer to the Placing and to the placing agreement between the Company, the Placing Agent and the Directors dated [insert date] (the Placing Agreement). Words and expressions defined in the Placing Agreement will have the same meanings in this warranty certificate except where the context otherwise requires.

We, the undersigned, confirm to you that:

    1. 1

      the Company and the Directors have complied with their respective obligations under the Placing Agreement [in all material respects] to the extent that the same fall to be performed prior to Admission;

    1. 2

      [save for the Condition[s] set

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