Visitor (standard): UK business—letter of support

The following Immigration precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Visitor (standard): UK business—letter of support

Visitor (standard): UK business—letter of support

[To be typed on official letter–headed paper of the uk business]

[Address either to: Chief Immigration Officer [insert port of entry] (non-visa nationals) or Entry Clearance Officer [insert entry clearance post] (visa nationals).]

[Insert date]

Dear [insert organisation name]

[Insert full name, date of birth and nationality of business visitor as they appear in their passport]

Request for entry to the UK for a business visit

This letter is provided to support the request of the above-named for permission to enter the UK under the standard visitor category for a period of [insert number of days/weeks/months].

[Insert title and last name of applicant] will be staying at [insert full address including hotel name if applicable]. The cost of accommodation and subsistence expenses will be borne by [this company

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