Visitor (standard) child: parent or guardian—letter of support
Visitor (standard) child: parent or guardian—letter of support

The following Immigration precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Visitor (standard) child: parent or guardian—letter of support

[Insert address of parent/guardian in home country]

[Insert Home Office address where application is being sent]

[Insert date]

Dear [insert organisation name]

Letter of support for [insert name, date of birth and nationality of applicant as per passport] applying as a visitor (standard)

I, [insert name, date of birth and nationality] am the [father OR mother OR guardian] of [insert name of applicant]. I confirm that I support my child’s application for leave as a visitor.

[State the way in which you are responsible for your child’s care, eg jointly with your child’s other parent, in accordance with a custody order or as a person who has sole responsibility.]

I consent to the arrangements for my child’s travel to, reception and care in the UK as outlined below.


[I will be travelling with my child to the UK. [Insert confirmation of whether the signatory has valid leave for the UK, whether an application has been made or the basis on which leave is not required.]


My child will be travelling to the UK with [insert full name of accompanying adult], who is [state relationship of the accompanying adult to the child]. [He OR she] is a citizen of [state nationality], DOB: [dd/mm/yyyy], passport number [insert passport nu

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