Visitor (standard) adult: support from UK sponsor—letter
Visitor (standard) adult: support from UK sponsor—letter

The following Immigration precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Visitor (standard) adult: support from UK sponsor—letter

[Insert UK address of sponsor or produce the letter on official headed notepaper if the sponsor is an organisation]

[Insert Home Office address where application is being sent]

[Insert date]

Dear [insert organisation name]

Letter of support for [insert name, date of birth and nationality of applicant as per passport] applying as a standard visitor

I, [insert name, date of birth, nationality and (if not British) immigration status in the UK if an individual, or name only if a representative of an organisation] am [state relationship of sponsor to applicant]. Please accept this letter in support of [insert name of applicant]’s application for leave as a visitor.

I am aware that [insert name of applicant] intends to visit the UK from [insert date] to [insert date]. It is intended that [insert name of applicant] will [outline the purpose of the visit and activities to be undertaken] during [his OR her] visit.


During [insert name of applicant]’s visit, I shall be providing [outline the nature and extent of sup

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