Transfer of part

The following Property precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Transfer of part

Transfer of part

Transfer of part

Precedent transfer

An adaptable Word version of the precedent form TP1 can be downloaded, saved or printed from this link:

Drafting notes to precedent transfer

Panel 1—Title numbers

If there are a number of properties, each title number should be listed alphanumerically and may be numbered starting with one, and each property listed in the same order as the title numbers and correspondingly numbered. Use form TR5 if there is a substantial number of registered titles.

Panel 3—Property description

The optional wording is for use where the Property is unregistered.

Where a plan accompanies the transfer, HM Land Registry’s detailed rules relating to plans must be followed, otherwise the application for registration will be rejected. The rules are set out in HM Land Registry Practice Guide 40. HM Land Registry will reject plans that have not been signed by the parties. The rules provide for this in the case of a dealing with part of the land in a registered title and it is good practice in any event – to ensure that the seller and the buyer have approved the extent of the property. Where a plan is not sufficient to allow clear identification of the land, HM Land Registry may ask for an additional plan to be lodged. HM Land Registry guidance confirms that it will treat the plan as though it was attached to

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