Transfer of environmental permits
Produced in partnership with ELM Law
Transfer of environmental permits

The following Environment precedent produced in partnership with ELM Law provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Transfer of environmental permits

    1. 1



      1. means the presence at any time of any Hazardous Substances in the soil and water at or under the Property and/or the migration of Hazardous Substances at any time to or from the Property


      1. means all or any of the following: namely air, water (including surface water, groundwater and water in drains and sewers) and land (including sub-surface land and land under water) and any living organisms (including humans) or ecosystems supported by those media

      Environmental Law

      1. means all applicable laws (whether statutory or common law and whether civil, criminal or administrative), directives, regulations, codes of practice, guidance notes and instructions and decisions of any court or regulatory authority that relate to the prote

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