Transfer clauses—sale by administrator
Transfer clauses—sale by administrator

The following Property precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Panel 4—Transferor
  • Panel 9—Title guarantee
  • Panel 11—Additional provisions
  • Schedule 1 [Part 1
  • The Lease[s] under which the Property is held
  • Schedule 2 [Part 2
  • The Occupational Lease[s] to which the Property is subject

Panel 4—Transferor

[insert name of the registered proprietor] in administration) (the ‘Transferor’) acting by [any one of] its [joint] administrator[s], [insert name of [first] administrator] (Insolvency Practitioner) of [insert address] [and [insert name of second administrator] (Insolvency Practitioner) of [insert address]] (the ‘Administrator[s]’)

Panel 9—Title guarantee

The Transferor, being a company in administration, gives no covenants for title whether express or implied by the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1994, the Land Registration Act 2002 or otherwise

Panel 11—Additional provisions

  1. 1

    The Administrator[s] [was] [were] appointed [joint] administrator[s] of the affairs, business and property of the Transferor[, with the power to act

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