Trainee solicitor induction plan

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  • Trainee solicitor induction plan

Trainee solicitor induction plan

Type of informationDetailed informationDate provided to trainee
Introduction to the firm[Provide basic details about your firm, eg location, number of staff, type of work, demographic of clients]
Names, status and responsibilities of individuals involved in trainingTraining partner—[insert name]:
  1. ensures training is given in accordance with SRA requirements

  2. may delegate those responsibilities to others

  1. [insert name if known];

  2. [insert name if known];

  3. [insert name if known].

Supervisors are responsible for providing practical day-to-day training and for giving trainees appropriate opportunities to develop their legal skills and knowledge
[[Insert any other category]:]
  1. [[insert name if known];]

  2. [[insert name if known];]

  3. [[insert name if known].]

Introduction to other staff members[Who is it important for the trainee to know in the early stages, eg the rest of the team they’re joining, HR, IT]
Introduction to the training scheme[Summarise how the training will be organised, eg the trainee will work in at least three distinct departments or seats spending a specified period (usually about six months) in each, or the trainee will work in various areas of law on a day-to-day basis, in line with the type of work available]
[The SRA Principles and Codes of Conduct][The trainee’s first job is to write 500 words about:]
  1. [what the SRA Principles are and why they’re important;

  2. how the SRA Codes of Conduct are structured, which

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