Time and responsibility schedule (US IPO)

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  • Time and responsibility schedule (US IPO)

Time and responsibility schedule (US IPO)

Time and responsibility schedule for a US initial public offering

As of [_____________, 20__]



C: Company

UW: Lead Underwriter

CO: Co-Underwriter

CC: Company's Counsel

UC: Underwriter's Counsel

A: Auditor

P: Printer

IV: Investor Relations Firm

CUSIP: Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures

EDGAR: Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval System

SEC: US Securities and Exchange Commission

IPO: Initial Public Offering

CIK: Central Index Key

FINRA: Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

FWP: Free Writing Prospectuses

MD&A: Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations



Document/action neededResponsible partyStatus/completion date
1. Select managing underwriter(s)C
2. Select counselC
3. Draft and circulate the due diligence request list and officers’ and directors’ questionnairesCC, UC
4. Hold an organisational meeting, at which the following matters should be discussed:C, UW, CO, A, UC, CC
(a) Timetable
(b) Size of offering
(c) Assignment of responsibilities for tasks
(d) Listing on securities exchangeC, UW, CO
(e) Discussion of financial statements required and of any special accounting issues to be addressedC, UW, CO, A, UC, CC
(f) Recapitalisation of the Company (eg, share split or reverse share split) that will be required prior to offeringC, UW, CO, A, UC, CC
5. Provide memorandum on gun-jumping/quiet periodCCPrior to start of IPO process
6. Commence due diligence review and management presentationsC, CC, UW, UC
7. Meetings to discuss due diligence and registration statementC, UW, CO, A, U, CC
8. Begin drafting the

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