Time recording FAQs
Time recording FAQs

The following Practice Management guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Time recording FAQs
  • FAQs
  • What is [matter-related OR chargeable] time?
  • How much detail should I include in the narrative?
  • What is a billing note?
  • Can I charge for recycling existing know-how?
  • How do I record supervision?
  • What is best practice on travel time?
  • How do I record file administration?
  • Can I include preparation of the bill itself?
  • more


These FAQs supplement our Time recording policy, which can be found [in our office manual OR on our intranet].

What is [matter-related OR chargeable] time?

All time that you spend on a client’s matter should be recorded as [matter-related OR chargeable] time, regardless of whether it can be billed.

Non-[matter-related OR chargeable] time is all other time you spend on the firm’s business.

[Matter-related OR Chargeable] time Non-[matter-related OR chargeable] time
Preparation time Printing
Standard telephone calls (up to 6 minutes) Business development activities
Telephone call over 6 minutes (record as ‘telephone attendance’) Unjamming the printer
Writing a standard letter or email (up to 6 minutes) Reading legal updates
Writing a letter or email that takes more than 6 minutes (record as preparation time) Attending training
Reading incoming correspondence and emails (ensure you provide narrative to justify the time spent