Tender presentation cheat sheet
Tender presentation cheat sheet

The following Practice Management guidance note provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Tender presentation cheat sheet
  • Logistics
  • The message
  • Creating a good impression
  • The presentation document
  • Team effort
  • Your delivery
  • Things to avoid
  • Rehearsals

We’ve already passed the first hurdle by being invited to give a presentation but we must never take success for granted, especially with an existing client.

Lack of preparation is the most common reason for losing at the interview stage. Presenting without enough practice is a recipe for disaster even for the best team.

This document will help you to prepare for a tender presentation, whether you are leading the tender team or are a team member.


You will only get one shot at your presentation. Make sure you know exactly:

  1. where you’re meant to be

  2. when you’re meant to be there

  3. how you’re going to get there

  4. what you’re expected to take with you

The person leading the tender will provide a checklist/plan for the presentation. If they haven’t, chase for it or volunteer to arrange the logistics and produce the checklist/plan for the rest of the team.

Unless you’re told otherwise, assume the dress code is business smart. [Men should wear or at least take a tie.]

The message

Make sure you understand the overall message we are trying to convey and that can articulate it. You’ll find this in the checklist/plan, along with guidance on:

  1. subjects to avoid and what to do if they come up

  2. potential difficult questions and tactics for