Tax evasion facilitation—briefing for external agents/intermediaries
Tax evasion facilitation—briefing for external agents/intermediaries

The following Practice Compliance precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Tax evasion facilitation—briefing for external agents/intermediaries


Compliance with tax evasion and tax evasion facilitation laws is critical to [insert organisation name][ and all its businesses].

To raise awareness, protect our reputation and avoid potential liability as a result of tax evasion facilitation by any of our business partners, we provide this briefing to all agents and intermediaries.

As a partner, agent, consultant or other third party engaged to provide services for or act on behalf of [insert organisation name], you are an ‘associated person’ under the Criminal Finances Act 2017. As such, we can be held accountable for the actions you take on our behalf. It is therefore imperative that you:

  1. understand and follow the same laws and policies that apply to us and our staff

  2. recognise when tax evasion facilitation risks arise and know how to behave appropriately and in accordance with our policies in such situations

  3. make it clear to others that you and [insert organisation name] do not conduct business in an unethical manner, and

  4. take steps to reduce the risk of unwittingly committing tax evasion or tax evasion facilitation

Violations of tax evasion facilitation laws are criminal offences and carry severe penalties for companies and individuals. They can lead to liability for us and for you[ and as such constitute grounds for immediate termination of our contract with you].

By following our policies you can help ensure compliance with anti-tax

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