Supply chain risk assessment and register

The following Risk & Compliance precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Supply chain risk assessment and register

Supply chain risk assessment and register

This is intended for in-house lawyers and risk professionals. It can be used to record risks to your supply chain, the severity of each risk and the actions you have taken or will take to mitigate each risk. It includes a tab showing worked examples, for information and illustration—this can be deleted.

This register is provided in Excel and cannot be downloaded into Word.

Whatever the nature of your organisation’s business, it will inevitably have multiple types of suppliers, eg ranging from suppliers of uniforms to suppliers of key manufacturing components.

In order to start the process of mitigating supply chain risk it is essential to classify each supply into the types of risks to which that supply chain could expose your organisation. This helps your organisation to assign the resources needed to manage the risk represented by each particular supply chain and informs you as in-house lawyer on your approach to building appropriate risk management into the

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