SuperSAR investigation form
SuperSAR investigation form

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  • SuperSAR investigation form

SuperSAR investigation form

    1. 1

      General details

      Date[Insert date]Customer/client name (if applicable)[Insert customer/client name]
      Name and job title of person completing this form[Insert name and job title]Customer/client/matter reference number (if applicable)[Insert customer/client/matter reference number]
      Date request received[Insert date]Names of staff involved on customer/client matter to which the SAR relates, if applicable[Insert names of people involved]
      Name of person request addressed to[Insert name]

      If the SuperSAR request was received from an NCA authorised officer go to section 2, for all other SuperSAR requests go to section 3.

    1. 2

      SuperSAR request from NCA authorised officer

      Has our nominated officer been informed?Yes/No
      If no, inform the nominated officer immediately
      Name of NCA–authorised officer[Insert name]
      Are there any deadlines for responding to the NCA
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