Style grazing lease—Scotland
Produced in partnership with Mike Blair of Gillespie Macandrew LLP

The following Property precedent produced in partnership with Mike Blair of Gillespie Macandrew LLP provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Style grazing lease—Scotland
  • 1 Definitions
  • 2 Duration
  • 3 Rent
  • 4 Outgoings
  • 5 Use
  • 6 Lime and manure
  • 7 Maintenance
  • 8 Boundaries
  • 9 Water
  • More...

Style grazing lease—Scotland


  1. 1

    [insert full name of party], residing at [insert address] (together with their successors as landlord under this Lease), are hereinafter together referred to as the Landlord; and

  1. 2

    [insert full name of party], residing at [insert address] [and [insert full name of party], residing at [insert address]] (hereinafter [together] referred to as the Tenant).

IT IS CONTRACTED and AGREED between the Parties as follows:

    1. 1



      1. means any act of the UK or Scottish Parliament and any delegated law made under it and any European Community legislation or decree having effect of law in the United Kingdom;


      1. means any statutory, public, local or other authority or any court of law or any government department or any of their duly authorised officers;

      Date of Entry

      1. means [insert date of entry];


      1. means [insert date of ish—no more than 364 days after date of entry];

      Landlord's Neighbouring Property

      1. means the neighbouring property retained by the Landlord shown [insert demarcation] on the attached Plan;


      1. means this lease, and any document supplemental to it;


      1. means the plan annexed and signed as relative hereto;

      Let Property

      1. means the area of ground extending to [insert number] [hectares OR acres] or thereby shown [insert details of demarcation] on the Plan;


      1. means [insert the amount of rent];


      1. means value added tax or any similar tax from time to time replacing it or performing a similar

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