Strategy day presentation

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  • Strategy day presentation

Strategy day presentation

This presentation is for use at a strategy away day and follows the same running order as the Precedents for the Strategy away day: programme and Strategy away day: pack index. It is presented as a PowerPoint document, see: .

This Strategy day presentation is intended to dovetail with the rest of the Strategic planning subtopic and assumes that you have undertaken the following preliminary steps from Precedent: Strategy: action plan and timeline, ie:

Stage noStageActions
1Start strategic review processFix a date for a strategy away day (allow at least 12 weeks).
Discuss and agree:
  1. who will lead the process

  2. who will attend the strategy away date (‘delegates’)

  3. whether an external facilitator is required

Book a venue
Complete ‘Timeline’ section in the remainder of this plan
Start to complete Precedent: Strategy day: logistics

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