Standard order 2.1—financial remedy order—omnibus

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  • Standard order 2.1—financial remedy order—omnibus

Standard order 2.1—financial remedy order—omnibus

In the Family Court

Sitting at [court name]

No: [case number]

[The Matrimonial Causes Act 1973


The Civil Partnership Act 2004


The Child Support Act 1991


The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975]

The [Marriage OR Civil Partnership OR Relationship] of [applicant name] and [respondent name]

After hearing [name the advocate(s) who appeared]

After consideration of the documents lodged by the parties

[[IN THE CASE OF AN ORDER MADE WITHOUT NOTICE] After reading the statements and hearing the witnesses specified in para [para number] of the Recitals below]

Order made by [name of judge] on [date] sitting in [open court OR private][ FOLLOWING A [RESERVED OR WRITTEN OR EX TEMPORE] JUDGMENT GIVEN on [DATE]]

Warning: if you do not comply with this order, you may be held in contempt of court and you may be sent to prison, be fineD, or have your assets seized.
  1. The parties

    1. 1

      The applicant is [applicant name]

      The respondent is [respondent name]

      [Further respondent(s) [further respondents names]]

      [[Specify if any party acts by a litigation friend]]


    1. 2

      [Child[ren] of the Family

      The “child[ren] of the family” [is OR are]:

      1. a.

        [child full name] born on [date];

      1. b.

        [[child full name] born on [date];]

      1. c.

        [[child full name] born on [date].]]

    1. 3

      Family Home

      The “family home” shall mean [family home address] registered at the Land Registry with title number [family home title no].

    1. 4

      Other properties

      “[Other property name]” shall mean

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