Standard order 10.2—occupation order

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  • Standard order 10.2—occupation order

Standard order 10.2—occupation order

In the Family Court

No: [Case Number]

sitting at [Court name]

The Family Law Act 1996

The [Marriage OR Civil Partnership OR Relationship OR Family] of [applicant name] and [respondent name]


After hearing [name the advocate(s) who appeared]

[[IN THE CASE OF AN ORDER MADE WITHOUT NOTICE] After reading the statement[s] and hearing the witness[es] specified in para [para number] of the Recitals below]

Occupation order made by [name of judge] on [date] sitting in private

Important notice to the respondent, [RESPONDENT name] of [RESPONDENT address]
You must obey this order. You should read it carefully. If you do not understand anything in this order you should go to a solicitor, Legal Advice Centre or Citizens Advice Bureau. You have a right to apply to the court to change or cancel the order.
Warning: If you do not obey this order, you will be guilty of contempt of court and you may be sent to prison, be fined or have your assets seized.

The Parties

    1. 1

      The applicant is [applicant name]

      The respondent is [respondent name]

      [Further respondent(s)[further respondent(s) name(s)]]



    1. 2

      [The “relevant children” within the meaning of the Family Law Act 1996 are:

      1. (a)

        [child full name] a [boy OR girl] born on [date]

      1. (b)

        [child full name] a [boy OR girl] born on [date]

      1. (c)


    1. 3

      The ‘family home’

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