Selling—top tips for lawyers
Selling—top tips for lawyers

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  • Selling—top tips for lawyers

This precedent contains top selling tips to help lawyers develop sales skills and build confidence.

Tip What should you do How can following this tip help you?
Develop rapport and empathy with the person you are meeting. Show interest and curiosity—ask plenty of questions and try to develop the conversation, particularly where there is common ground or a mutual interest.
Be as prepared to have a conversation about personal interests as one about business.
Some lawyers believe all conversations should be about business but this is a mistake. People like to talk about their hobbies and their family, so join in.
Do not be put off by the word ‘no’ Many prospects that become clients will have said no directly or indirectly several times before giving an instruction. The best sales people will usually say they are not perturbed by being told no and have taken years to convert some contacts into clients.
Do not be afraid of the ‘s’ word. Do not be intimidated by the
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