Scott Schedule—damages
Produced in partnership with 4 Pump Court
Scott Schedule—damages

The following Construction precedent Produced in partnership with 4 Pump Court provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Scott Schedule—damages

No.Terms of contract relied onDamages claimed and basis of claim Defendant’s responseJudge’s comments
1Prolongation costs arising out of Variation Instruction XXClause XX of the Contract, which entitles the Contractor to direct loss and expense incurred as a result of a variation instructionAs a result of the instruction to vary the works, the Contractor had to stop the original work intended and:
(a) incurred delay in carrying out additional detailed design of the works (3 weeks)
(b) incurred delays by reason of ordering additional and different materials to permit construction of the varied design to begin (6 weeks), and
(c) the varied design was more complex than the original design and took longer to

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