Risk questionnaire

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  • Risk questionnaire

Risk questionnaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is to identify potential business risks. Please spend no more than [insert time eg 30 minutes] completing this questionnaire and return it to [insert email address]. [If you have any questions or are unsure whether to include something, please contact [insert name and email address] to discuss.]

    1. 1

      About you

      Your name[Insert name]
      Your role[Describe your role within the business]
      Your department[Insert]
      Briefly describe the function of your department[Please explain, in simple terms, what your department does]
      Any other relevant information[Insert here any other relevant information about your department, eg important major projects]
    1. 2

      Previous incidents

      Please complete this section if any incidents set out in the table below have occurred in your department within the last [insert time period, eg 12 months]. Otherwise move on to section 3.

      Category of incidentSelect relevant category or categories:
      ☐ Notification to the in-house legal team
      ☐ Actual, intimated or potential claim against the business
      ☐ Major invoice write-off
      ☐ Data or information breach
      ☐ Other compliance breach
      ☐ Regulatory notification, fine or reprimand
      ☐ [Insert any other relevant to your business]
      ☐ Other comparable incident
      Date of incident[Insert date or date range]
      Description of incident[Describe the incident or occurrence, if necessary attaching relevant documents]
      Outcome of incident[What was the outcome?]
    1. 3

      Current and future departmental risks

      You are a subject matter expert for your department and

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