Risk manager role profile
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  • Risk manager role profile

Risk manager role profile

Name of firm
Name of role holder
Reports to
Role type☐ Full-time
☐ Part-time
☐ Contractor
If a contractor role, length of contract
Primary location
Date role commenced
Length of probation period
End of probation review date

Role summary

Reporting to the Management board via the Senior partner, the Risk manager will support the [Compliance officer for legal practice (COLP) OR Compliance officer for finance and administration (COFA) OR Risk partner OR [insert other]] by taking responsibility for the firm’s:

  1. risk management function [including managing performance of direct reports on the firm’s Risk management team]

  2. professional indemnity insurance, and

  3. claims handling

The Risk manager will work with the firm's Management board, departments, offices and operations groups to develop, maintain and promote, throughout the firm:

  1. adoption of the highest possible internal best practice standards, and

  2. proactive risk awareness and management in day-to-day practice

Key responsibilities

The Risk manager will support the Management board’s promotion and development of a proactive firm-wide culture of effective risk management and an ongoing risk management strategy (the strategy) in accordance with the firm’s business plan. Responsibilities will include:

Management board—strategy and reporting

Assisting the Management board to determine the firm’s risk tolerance, and highest-priority risk exposures; finalising the strategy for Management board sign-off.

Advice, communication and raising awareness

  1. Advising internally on the professional conduct and ethical obligations of lawyers, both as a matter of general awareness and in

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