Report on title—long form
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  • Report on title—long form
  • 1 Executive summary
  • 2 Transaction summary and key terms
  • 3 Property
  • 4 Rights benefitting the Property
  • 5 Burdens on the Property
  • 6 Search results
  • 7 Environmental issues
  • 8 Planning and building regulations
  • 9 Energy and health and safety
  • More...

Report on title—long form

Property: [insert name and/or address of the Property] (‘Property’)

Purchaser: [insert name, address and (if applicable) company registration number of buyer]

Transaction: [insert brief details]

    1. 1

      Executive summary

      1. 1.1

        Scope of report

        This report is addressed to you [insert buyer’s name] and has been prepared for your sole benefit in connection with your proposed acquisition of the Property.

        This report may not be disclosed to or relied upon by any other party without our prior written consent.

      1. 1.2

        [Good and marketable title

        We are of the opinion that, subject to the matters referred to in this report, upon completion of the purchase of the Property, payment of [stamp duty land tax OR land transaction tax] and registration at HM Land Registry, you will obtain a good and marketable title to the Property.]

      1. 1.3

        Areas of concern

        [Insert any concerns about the Property arising from your due diligence].

        [Title indemnity insurance [has been OR will be] obtained in respect of [insert details of title defect which has been/will be insured against]. The indemnity insurance policy provides cover up to a maximum of £[insert amount] for a period of [insert period of cover] against [insert risks covered].]

        [[Insert any other relevant information and advice about the policy.]]

    1. 2

      Transaction summary and key terms

      [You have informed us that this is an investment purchase and this report is based on the assumption that you will continue to use

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