Records retention schedule

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  • Records retention schedule
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Company records
  • 3 Employment records
  • 4 Health and safety records
  • 5 Security records
  • 6 Customer records
  • 7 Marketing and business development records
  • 8 Data protection records
  • 9 Law firms
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Records retention schedule

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      1. 1.1

        This Record retention schedule accompanies and is incorporated into [insert organisation’s name]’s Records management policy. It sets out the time periods that different types of Business Records (as defined in the Records management policy) must be retained for business and legal purposes. [You do need not read the entire retention schedule, but rather should focus on the types of records relevant to your role.]

      1. 1.2

        The retention periods in the schedule are based on business needs and legal requirements, including our obligation under data protection law not to keep personal data for longer than is necessary. Once a retention period has expired the data or record should be reviewed and destroyed if it is no longer needed.

      1. 1.3

        If you maintain any types of records that are not listed in this schedule, and it is not clear from the existing record types in this schedule what retention period should apply, please contact [insert who, eg the Data Protection Officer] for guidance.

      1. 1.4

        Any deviations from the retention periods in this schedule must be approved in advance by [insert, eg a company lawyer].

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      Company records

      RecordRecommended retention periodStorage formatReason
      Certificate of incorporationIndefinitelyPaper/electronicCompanies Act 2006, s 15 (CA 2006)
      New certificate of incorporation to reflect change of company nameIndefinitelyPaper/electronicCA 2006, s 80
      Memorandum & articles of association (signed

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