Qualifying holding advance assurance letter—VCT
Qualifying holding advance assurance letter—VCT

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  • Qualifying holding advance assurance letter—VCT

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NE98 1ZZ

[Insert date]

[Commercially sensitive information]

Dear [insert organisation name]

Proposed investment by venture capital trust—request for advance assurance of qualifying holding in [name of company]

    1. 1

      Background to the advance assurance request and our authority to act as agent

      1. 1.1

        We are writing to request the advance assurance of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) that:

        1. 1.1.1

          the shares [and securities] proposed to be issued by the [name of company] (the Company) to [name of VCT] (the VCT), which is managed by [insert name of VCT manager], as outlined in this letter (the Relevant Holding) will constitute a qualifying holding for the purposes of Chapter 4 of Part 6 to the Income Tax Act 2007 (ITA 2007); and

        1. 1.1.2

          the [insert number of shares] [insert nominal value] ordinary shares proposed to be issued by the Company to the VCT at a price of [insert amount] per share (the Ordinary Shares) will be eligible shares for the purposes of ITA 2007, section 289.

      1. 1.2

        We are authorised by the Company’s [secretary OR directors] to act on its behalf in relation to this request for advance assurance from HMRC in relation to the VCT regime. Enclosed (at Appendix 1) is the Company’s [signed authority OR Form 64–8] enabling HMRC to deal directly with us. Our telephone and email contact details are set out at the

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