Public inquiry warning letter
Produced in partnership with Jim Duffy of 1COR
Public inquiry warning letter

The following Public Law precedent Produced in partnership with Jim Duffy of 1COR provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Public inquiry warning letter

Inquiry: The [insert name of inquiry] inquiry

Chair: [Insert name of inquiry chair]

[Insert inquiry contact address etc]

[Insert name of recipient]


[Insert date]

Dear [insert name of addressee],

The [insert name of inquiry] inquiry

I write on behalf of the Chair of the Inquiry.

Background to the Inquiry

The Inquiry was announced by [insert source eg Secretary of State] on [insert date]. Its terms of reference are as follows:

‘[Insert terms of reference]’.

The Inquiry panel is now preparing its report. Within that report, the panel is minded to criticise your role in the events it has examined. This letter sets out the proposed criticism, the facts on which the proposed criticism is based and any evidence considered to substantiate it. The letter is intended to offer you a reasonable opportunity to respond to the proposed criticism prior to the publication of the report.

Warning letters: legal framework

The Inquiry is concerned to ensure that it acts fairly

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