Public children—client guide

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  • Public children—client guide

Public children—client guide

This document provides general guidance regarding public law applications relating to children. Your family lawyer will be able to provide specific advice based on your circumstances.

There are several types of order that a court can make when a local authority has concerns about a child’s welfare and intervenes within a family setting. This guide provides a brief summary of those orders.

About care proceedings

‘Care proceedings’ is the phrase used to describe the legal process by which a local authority asks the court to allow it to place a young person under its care. Children are only ‘looked after’ by a local authority when the court is satisfied that a child is suffering, or are likely to suffer, significant harm from the way they are being looked after by their parents or carers, or that a child is beyond a parent or carer’s control.

What is an interim care order?

This is usually the first step within court proceedings where social workers have become very concerned about a child. The local authority may ask the court to make an interim care order while it investigates matters and considers what longer term plans should be made for the child.

Normally, an interim care order places the child in the care of the local authority on a temporary basis while the situation is assessed. In other cases, the child

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