Prohibited conduct: sample questions—sex discrimination

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  • Prohibited conduct: sample questions—sex discrimination

Prohibited conduct: sample questions—sex discrimination

Part A

Statement of facts

[Insert at paragraph 6 of the questions form:]

    1. 1

      I commenced employment with the company on [insert date]. I was employed as personal assistant to Mr A.

    1. 2

      On a number of occasions, starting in about [insert date], Mr A made remarks to me of a sexual nature. In particular he said to me ‘Did you get any over the weekend?’ and ‘You look glum, that boyfriend of yours not keeping you happy?’ and made repeated comments about my clothes and personal appearance.

    1. 3

      I made it clear to him that I did not welcome these remarks. In particular, on about [insert date], I said that I was not happy discussing my sex life or my appearance and asked him to treat me in a more professional manner.

    1. 4

      On about [insert date], I had my annual appraisal. Mr A called me into a meeting and told me that I had scored 4 (unsatisfactory) in a number of categories. This was despite the fact that I had recently passed my probation period and had received no complaints about the quality of my work.

    1. 5

      I brought a grievance through the company grievance procedure using the company’s standard form on [insert date]. I complained about Mr A’s remarks and about my poor scores on the annual appraisal.

    1. 6

      Mr A stopped speaking to me

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