Prohibited conduct: sample questions—disability discrimination

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  • Prohibited conduct: sample questions—disability discrimination

Prohibited conduct: sample questions—disability discrimination

Part A

Statement of facts

    1. 1

      I suffer from diabetes and chronic depression. I am severely dyslexic. I have been employed by the company since [insert date] as a sales executive.

    1. 2

      In [insert date], I suffered from a deterioration in my diabetic condition and, after a period of absence, my employer referred me to an occupational health consultant.

    1. 3

      On [insert date], I had a meeting with my manager Mr A and a human resources adviser, Mr B. They told me that my levels of absence were unacceptable. They showed me the report from Dr C, the consultant. Dr C said that it was unsafe for me to continue to undertake driving duties. Mr A said that I could not continue in my sales executive role.

    1. 4

      I pointed out that the report stated that my condition was likely to improve again as I responded to an adjustment in the management of my diabetes and that I would then be able to resume driving duties.

    1. 5

      Mr A said the company could not wait and that I would need to consider an alternative position.

    1. 6

      Mr B then offered me a role as an administrative assistant.

    1. 7

      I pointed out that it was a feature of my depression that I needed to do something physically active in order to keep me from having a severe episode.

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