Prohibited conduct: sample questions—age discrimination

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  • Prohibited conduct: sample questions—age discrimination

Prohibited conduct: sample questions—age discrimination

Part A

Statement of facts

    1. 1

      I have been working for the college as a lecturer since [insert date].

    1. 2

      On [insert date] I saw an advertisement for a post of senior lecturer. I was interested in applying for the post and went and spoke to my head of department, Professor A, to find out more about the post.

    1. 3

      She seemed very surprised that I was considering applying and said: ‘But Mary, I thought you’d be looking forward to putting your feet up and moving to the seaside soon’.

    1. 4

      I assured her that I was not considering retiring any time soon and said that I was a bit offended by her remarks.

    1. 5

      She told me it was up to me whether I applied for the post and terminated the discussion.

    1. 6

      Subsequently, at a staff meeting on [insert date], I overheard Professor A use the words ‘grumpy old bat’ to Professor B whilst waving a hand in my direction.

    1. 7

      On [insert date] I submitted an application for the post of senior lecturer.

    1. 8

      On [insert date], I submitted a formal grievance in which I complained about the way Professor A spoke to me on the occasion when I asked her about the post and subsequently how she spoke about me at the staff meeting.

    1. 9

      On [insert date], I received a letter from Professor B which

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