Privacy notice audit
Privacy notice audit

The following Risk & Compliance precedent provides comprehensive and up to date legal information covering:

  • Privacy notice audit

Privacy notice audit

Date of review[Insert date]
Person conducting review[Insert name or job description]
    1. 1

      Description of the privacy notice

      Type/description of privacy notice[Insert, eg Privacy policy on customer facing website]
      Wording used[Insert or attach wording]
      Where and when is the notice displayed/issued?[Insert, eg In the ‘Legal notices’ section at the footer of our website. Publicly available at all times]
      What medium is used?[Insert, eg Electronic written format]
      Is this a one-off notice or part of a layered approach?[One-off notice OR Part of a layered approach]
      If a layered approach, give more information, eg combined with just-in-time notices, video notices, icons and symbols and/or privacy dashboard
      Does the notice cover all current or intended uses of the data?Yes/No
      If no, consider what additional purposes are intended and whether the lawful ground for processing needs to be revisited
      If the data is to be used for more than one purpose, does the notice make this clear?Yes/No
      Where appropriate, is any request for consent:
      —presented via opt-in box(es), ie not via pre-ticked boxes?
      —granular, ie opt-in consent box offered for each different types of processing?
      Have you tested this privacy notice with potential users?Yes/No
      If yes:
      —how was the notice tested?
      —what was the outcome?
      [Insert, including whether you need to make any changes as a result of testing]
      Have you received any complaints about this particular privacy notice?Yes/No
      If yes, provide more
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