Privacy impact assessment
Privacy impact assessment

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  • Privacy impact assessment

Privacy impact assessment

Please ensure that this Privacy impact assessment is sufficient for your needs—you may need to carry out a full Data protection impact assessment (DPIA)—see [insert link to your organisation’s DPIA screening questions].

    1. 1

      Background information

      Project name[Insert a name for the project]
      Date of privacy impact assessment (PIA) completion[Insert the date the PIA is being completed]
      Name and email address of person responsible for the project and completing this form[Insert name and email address of the person completing the PIA form—eg the project manager]
    1. 2

      Describe the project

      Describe the project or activity and its intended purpose[Insert general description of the project, eg what you what you want to achieve and why. You may find it helpful to refer or link to other documents, such as a project proposal]
      Explain why you need to process personal data—could you achieve your project aims without the use of personal data?[Insert explanation, eg describe specifically what the project aims to achieve using personal data and/or why the project will not work without using personal data. Explain what steps you have taken to consider whether you actually need personal data or could use anonymised personal data instead, and your reasons for rejecting this approach, if necessary]
    1. 3

      Describe the data

      Describe the data[Describe the
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