Preference centre supplier questionnaire

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  • Preference centre supplier questionnaire

Preference centre supplier questionnaire

Organisation's name and contact details [insert your organisation’s name and contact details of the person co-ordinating supplier]
Supplier's name[insert name of recipient organisation]
Scope of questionnaire[State whether the questionnaire relates to the provision of a new preference centre or the development of an existing preference centre. Also, state whether the preference centre is to be the sole system for recording and managing all customers preferences or will form part of a broader range of tools for managing online relationships]
Interaction between preference centre and other systems[Explain how the preference centre will interact with other relevant systems, eg:]
[—will the preference centre be expected to communicate with and auto-populate/update a central customer data-base?]
[—is it intended that the preference centre will integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) system in some way?]
    1. 1

      User-facing functionality

      Please complete the table below to explain the user-facing functionality offered by your preference centre.

      Functionality required (references to customer include all external users)So thatSupplier response
      Customer is presented with a webpage for the preference centre which requires a unique identifier, eg [an email address] and/or secure login[Insert organisation name] can identify the customer and the customer can access and/or be provided with their preferences in a secure way[Proposed supplier to insert response]
      Customers can insert and update their personal details

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