Policy—shared parental leave (adoption)
Policy—shared parental leave (adoption)

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  • Policy—shared parental leave (adoption)

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        The right to shared parental leave allows eligible employees to choose how to share the care of a child during the first year after its adoption.

      1. 1.2

        The right is available to up to two eligible employees, namely:

        1. 1.2.1

          the adopter of the child; and

        1. 1.2.2

          a second person, who must be married to, or the civil partner of, or the partner of, that adopter.

      1. 1.3

        It may be that only one of these two eligible persons is employed by the Company. Alternatively, it may be that both are employed by the Company.

      1. 1.4

        This policy[ has been agreed in consultation with [the trade union OR staff association OR employees] and] applies to all employees. The aspects of this policy relating to shared parental pay (paragraphs 5 and 6, the relevant parts of paragraphs 7 and 8, and paragraph 13) also apply to certain persons who are not employees of the Company but are in ‘employed earner’s employment’ with the Company: broadly speaking, this means persons working for the Company in a capacity in relation to which class 1 National Insurance Contributions must be paid[ (this would include most qualifying agency workers)]. There are certain exceptions; if you are unclear as to whether you fall into this category, please contact [insert person to contact and how to contact that person]. No other aspects of this policy apply

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