Policy—retirement (no fixed retirement age)

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  • Policy—retirement (no fixed retirement age)

Policy—retirement (no fixed retirement age)

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        This policy sets out the Company’s approach to the retirement of employees. It aims to demonstrate the Company’s commitment to ensuring age diversity in its workforce and tackling age discrimination in retirement. The Company recognises the contributions of all employees, including the skills and experience of older employees.

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        This policy forms part of the Company’s underlying strategy to promote equal opportunities and to avoid unlawful discrimination. In following the retirement procedure set out in this policy, the Company will not discriminate directly or indirectly on grounds of age, nor on grounds of disability, gender reassignment, marital or civil partner status, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation.

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        The Company believes that employees should be allowed to continue to work for as long as they wish, and when to voluntarily retire should be a matter of choice for individual employees.

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        The Company does not operate a fixed retirement age. However, the Company may from time to time review the need for a fixed retirement age and reserves the right to introduce a fixed retirement age for specific roles.

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        This policy sets out the procedures that will be followed in cases of retirement, ensuring compliance with employment law [ and the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s Employment Statutory Code of Practice].

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        This policy applies to all

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