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  • Policy—homeworking

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        The decision as to whether to allow partial or full-time homeworking in relation to any given role rests with management, both in relation to existing roles or new ones. Where the request for homeworking constitutes a statutory flexible working request, the homeworking request will be dealt with under the Company’s [Flexible working policy].

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        Employees in existing roles may request partial or full-time homeworking arrangements from their line manager, but there is no obligation on the manager to accede to such requests.

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        ‘Homeworking’ for these purposes means working from your home, or another suitable location agreed with your manager, in the UK. Homeworking from outside the UK is not envisaged by this policy, as significant additional legal and practical issues arise, affecting both you and the Company. If you wish to work from a location outside the UK, you must obtain prior approval in writing from the Company before doing so, via your manager. The procedure for considering such requests will be explained to you when you make your request. Note that you should not travel to work abroad without the prior approval of your manager[ and in accordance with the Company’s business travel policy].

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      Suitability for homeworking

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        In determining whether any given role, either existing or new, is suitable for homeworking, as well as the matters set out in the Company’s

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