Policy—Coronavirus (COVID-19) workplace safety
Policy—Coronavirus (COVID-19) workplace safety

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  • Policy—Coronavirus (COVID-19) workplace safety

Policy—Coronavirus (COVID-19) workplace safety

UPDATE (2/3/21) The Prime Minister announced on 22 February 2021 the government’s roadmap out of the current coronavirus lockdown restrictions in England. The roadmap contains four main steps to easing restrictions, with step one beginning on 8 March 2021, and step four being introduced at the earliest on 21 June 2021. Before it is possible to proceed to the next step, an assessment of the previous step will be undertaken using four tests. Because of a lag between making changes and seeing this reflected in the data, this assessment will occur after a minimum of five weeks from the date the last step was taken. At all four steps, the guidance will still be that people should continue to work from home where they can. The government will also establish four programmes of work (or reviews) to consider how the UK should handle coronavirus from the summer onwards. These will assess COVID-19 status certification, large events, international travel and social distancing. For further information, see: LNB News 22/02/2021 95 and Practice Note: Coronavirus (COVID-19)—managing the workplace—Easing of restrictions from 8 March 2021. The drafting note to this Precedent takes account of these changes.
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        This policy sets out an overview of the Company’s temporary arrangements for ensuring workers stay healthy and safe while they are working

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