Policy—Coronavirus (COVID-19) workplace safety

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  • Policy—Coronavirus (COVID-19) workplace safety

Policy—Coronavirus (COVID-19) workplace safety

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        This policy sets out an overview of the Company’s temporary arrangements for ensuring workers stay healthy and safe while they are working in the Company’s premises during the coronavirus (or COVID-19) pandemic. It supplements, but does not replace, the Company’s health and safety policy.

      1. 1.2

        This policy does not form part of any contract of employment and the Company may amend it at any time.

      1. 1.3

        This policy applies to all employees, workers and contractors.

      1. 1.4

        The main way of spreading coronavirus is through close contact with an infected person, and breathing in the droplets and aerosols they release. Surfaces and belongings can also be contaminated with coronavirus, when people who are infected cough or sneeze near them or touch them. For this reason, the government recommends limiting the close contact you have with those you do not usually live with, including minimising the number, proximity and duration of social contacts. Current government guidance recommends:

        1. 1.4.1

          meeting outdoors where possible, and letting fresh air into enclosed spaces;

        1. 1.4.2

          the use of face coverings in enclosed and crowded areas;

        1. 1.4.3

          advising people to wash their hands or usi hand sanitiser frequently, particularly before and after touching shared objects or surfaces that others touch regularly;

        1. 1.4.4

          maintaining regular cleaning of surfaces, particularly those that people touch regularly;

        1. 1.4.5

          covering your mouth and nose with disposal tissues when you cough

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